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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I really liked the openness of the author as he shared examples from his life. We are always saying ,"God I'm ready. Use me .Pick me. " What happens when you get the call? Are you ready to jump in with both feet? Many of us have had words spoken over us that we are called to do this or that . We get discouraged when it doesn't manifest. Did we miss our calling? What happens is sometimes we may be called to a ministry but if our heart isn't right He will show you what needs to change. It's all in God's timing not ours.

I had to laugh when the author talked about his mother after she got saved. I remember when I was younger visiting a very small church my dad was asked to preach at. During the service a lady jumped up and started jumping around and speaking weird . My eyes grew so big as I stared at her. What in the world was that lady doing? I later learned that she was filled with the Holy Spirit and wasn't ashamed to express how she was feeling. I learned from that day on to never be afraid to express your joy for God.

The author does a good job of explaining how God can use you anywhere . He does  talk about some subjects that for me  at one time in my life were uncomfortable. I had always been a bit uncertain about "Laying on of Hands."  I attended a Charismatic church as I got older and there was a particular speaker that would often come and speak. He loved to lay hands on people and watch the Holy Spirit take over. The first time I saw it, I was ready to run out the door. What in the world was going on and why were people falling to the ground ? I loved how the author gracefully explained it by saying, " The laying on of hands is a foundational thing. It's understood that we're supposed to use it as a tool. It was important for the early church and it is just as  important for us today."

The book is well written and I loved his compassion for others. He encourages us to use the gifts God has given us and go out in the world . Some of us get so comfy sitting in the service week after week, then going home to wait till next Sunday to meet with "Jesus." God wants us outside the four walls reaching out to the lost, sick and hurting . The biggest thing that holds Christians back is getting out of their  comfort zone. Take that first step, leap with your faith and God will be there to guide you. Thank you so much for  a book that reminds us to be His hands and feet.

" It's not about you and me; it's about Him."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network. This is my honest opinion.

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