Wednesday, January 25, 2017


What an emotional book this was. The author did an amazing job of keeping readers interested as she told her story. There were times in the book  that I was able to relate to her and I loved her openness and honesty during her struggles.  The book is well written and takes us inside the life of a woman who sees her guardian angel and how her life was changed by the encounter. We hear all the time that people can see an angel or have an out of body experience during a life threatening event. I like how the author described her encounter and how encouraged she became from the words the angel spoke to her.

Throughout the book I knew she was a very strong and determined woman by never giving up. Her hunger to have a deeper relationship with God was very evident. There was one relationship that definitely had an impact on her life. Her father always treated her like she couldn't do anything right . She felt like she could never please him and was continually made to feel "like a little girl." I never had a good relationship with my dad and I could feel her pain as she tried so hard to repair that relationship.

I was very impressed by the success she and her husband have achieved over the years. It took prayer and perseverance to overcome some of the obstacles on their journey. I was very intrigued by her desire to learn about the Hebrew studies and to understand the Bible with a clearer understanding. There were times as I read all the different  responsibilities she had, that I began to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we think we are doing these things to honor God; we get involved in every ministry in the church and before we know it we have forgotten about our family . I loved how she realized that she was doing things for the wrong reasons and needed to get back to having a one on one relationship with God. I loved the book know that I I will reread  it because it has so many great nuggets of wisdom throughout the book. The book is a journey of family, business, emotional stress, success and healed relationships.  I wrote down a couple of things from the book that really touched me and I will end my review with those.

"Sometimes God puts us in places to intentionally shake things up."

Sometimes life is about filling -in-the-blanks-, and once that's accomplished you can move on.

I received a copy of this book from The review is my honest opinion.

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