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Saturday, January 14, 2017


Someday I hope to visit Amish country . The people live a simple life, work hard, help each other and love God with all their heart. Until I get to visit Amish country I can travel there through this authors books. She writes so beautifully and her words are like silk that glisten in the sun. With her words I feel like I am there watching the story unfold. I feel part of the family as the characters are so welcoming. Each book she writes brings readers a fresh look at subjects that we may struggle with in our own lives. I love how she brings characters through tough issues and gently guides them to the answers found in the Bible. After finishing her books, I always feel a gentle breath of fresh air come over me as her story stirs emotions inside me.

Christopher or Chris to his friends doesn't seen to be able to live up to his dad's standards. They seem to disagree a lot and Christopher struggles with self confidence. I loved how the character showed his weaknesses and struggles to try to change. After a devastating accident that takes his brother's life, Christopher leaves home to go live with his aunt and uncle. He blames himself for the accident and sadly so does his dad. I can't imagine the heavy burden Christopher carried around believing he caused his brother's death. Can Christopher ever find peace? Will he and his dad be able to make amends? Will Christopher find a trade that he is good at?

Emily is someone you want  to be friends with. She has a welcoming smile and genuinely cares for everyone. When she meets Christopher she gives him a warm smile . Christopher  is not very friendly to Emily and she is bewildered by his actions. I loved Emily's never give up attitude and determination to make friends with Christopher. Can Emily help Christopher learn to trust again? There are quite a few things that Emily does to show Christopher she wants to be his friend  and I thought her character was sincere and charming.

The book has some emotional moments that you won't forget. I can tell you that I did shed a few tears while reading the book. Will Christopher open up to Emily and share with her the pain he carries around? What will happen when Emily surprises Christopher with a very special gift? I loved reading this book that showed how important forgiveness and believing in yourself is .

I received a complimentary copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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