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Saturday, March 11, 2017


I really enjoyed the story and thought the author did a great job of giving readers a glimpse into the world of a young girl with big responsibilities . Claire takes on more than she can handle at times, but I loved her commitment to her siblings. After her mom has a baby, she seems different. Claire takes on the chores of taking care of the baby while her mama sleeps all the time. I liked how the author described what it is like for some women after having a baby. It's hard for some women to shake postpartum depression and Claire's mom is really having a hard time.Claire has a lot on her shoulders and I really could identify with her when she tried so hard to get others in school to like her. I remember being the girl who wore long dresses and was so shy I barely spoke in school. Like Claire, I came from a family who was not rich. My mom made all of my clothes and there were times I was embarrassed to wear them. Claire is a very strong character and there are times she may feel discouraged but her faith sustained her.

The Lavender Girls were fun to read about. There is always that one group of girls in school that everyone wants to be like. I liked how the author showed how hard it was for Claire to pick who she wanted to be friends with. Her friend, Belinda is loyal and warns Claire not to join the group. Will Claire listen to her friend? I liked how the author talked about bullying . There is so much of that in schools today and it can be difficult for kids to shake  it off. The story is centered around Claire as she experiences trying to fit into a new town. Her love for her family is heartwarming . It was nice how the author showed Claire's frustrations at times as her mom struggles with her illness. It is hard to watch someone you love fighting to get better. This is a very emotional story at times and I thought the author really showed how important faith and family are.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The review is my honest opinion.

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