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Saturday, March 25, 2017


What a beautiful and emotional story the author has written. I love everything about her writing. She makes the characters so real you feel  a part of the story. The  author delivers a powerful story about a young couple filled with turmoil , pride and forgiveness. I enjoyed the depth of emotions that the author explored with the characters. Some may think that the Amish have a simple life with no problems but through the authors eyes she shows us real problems that couples face even among the Amish.

Sarah has loved Jonah forever it seems. She has always dreamed of being with him, but his heart has always belonged to Lorie. It is hard for Sarah to see them together but she must face the harsh truth that Jonah is in love with Lorie. I loved Sarah and thought she was a great character. I felt sad for her as she yearned for Jonah. Have you ever loved someone and they didn't feel the same way?

Jonah thought everything was great between him and Lorie. It must have been a shock to find out that the love of his life has run off with someone else. His heart is broken and knows he has to try to get over Lorie. One evening he runs into Sarah and their lives are changed forever. Have you ever done something you wish you could go back and undo? For Sarah and Jonah they have no choice but to marry. Sarah should be happy that she is marrying Jonah, but she feels little happiness on her wedding day.

As they adjust to married life tragedy strikes. It is a very emotional time for the couple and Sarah especially is having a difficult time. I was surprised how Sarah became so distant from Jonah and seemed to decide that he didn't love her.  The author really does  a great job of letting Sarah experience different emotions . I must say I was a bit sad as I read how this couple struggled with their feelings. Sarah seemed especially hard on Jonah and I wanted to tell her to stop being so stubborn. One of the things Sarah and Jonah lacked was communication and I loved how the author made that a focal point in the story.

It is a very touching and at times heartbreaking story. Will Sarah and Jonah stay together? Can they get past their pride and share their feelings with each other? You don't want to miss this story that shows how a couple struggles with their marriage and through prayer and guidance will try to find their way to forgiveness and reconciliation.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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