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Sunday, July 23, 2017


I think this has been one of the best books I've read from this author. She captured the hurt and shame of a young woman who carried a secret for a long time When Josie  was introduced I immediately identified with her. She is tough, has trouble with relationships and trusting others is not easy for her.

Noah is what every woman longs for. He loves unconditionally and never gives up. He works hard and his tender side really showed up in this story. I loved when Josie  went to deliver divorce papers to Noah after a mix-up determined they were still married. All Josie wanted to do was get Noah's signature and be done with another bad relationship. I could feel the tension between the two and knew they had some unfinished business.

The best part of the  entire story is when they get trapped in a snow storm and are left to rely on each other. The author does an amazing job of allowing readers to feel the cold and wet snow as her words were so vivid. I could see them shivering and hope disappearing as the day turned to night. Josie has hidden something from Noah during their marriage that has a major impact on their relationship. When Josie begins to let her guard down and tell Noah the terror she went through as a child, I cried. I knew how she felt not believing she was important and wondering where God was. Will Noah forgive Josie for the things she did in their marriage to push Noah away? Can Josie forgive herself  and allow God to heal her heart? This is one book that I will never forget. The author does a great job in telling a story about a subject that is painful . She does  it with grace and compassion and shows  how unconditional love  heals wounds. This story could have been written about me, because I lived through what Josie  endured starting at age twelve. I can assure the author that she did the story justice and helped me get closer to emotionally healing from wounds that have left me broken for years. To all the Josie's  out there, don't give up. To the Noah's out there, thank you for loving unconditionally.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my own opinion.

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