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Sunday, October 29, 2017


The book is a wonderful setting where women get together to sew and fellowship. Each story is short but filled with so much emotion and a sense of family. I loved each one and didn’t want the stories to end. Amy knows how to put the right touches on a character to make them come to life. Readers feel like they are sitting in the ladies quilt circle listening to each other share their thoughts. I loved how characters from each story appear in the other stories to make a circle of sorts. They all are friends and share the good and the bad with each other. It is truly a Quilting Circle.

More Than Friendship

I loved this one because Clara Rose was genuine in her relationship with her best friend who happens to be a man. They have known each other forever . Obie is one of those guys you can’t help but like. He is always there to lend a hand and bring a smile to Clara Rose. What happens when Obie finds out that Clara Rose is getting married? Will he step aside and keep his feelings to himself? The story is chocked full of what ifs and trusting yourself. I loved how the author showed us that sometimes we do things thinking it will make us happy. We tend to rush into things without really thinking through how we feel. Don’t miss this lovely story of friendship and true love.

More Than A Promise

Mariana has just lost her husband and is trying to deal with what to do next. Her friends mean well, but sometimes you just need to be alone to grieve. Her friends at the Quilting Circle become concerned when Marianna faints. What secret is Marianna hiding from everyone? The news she gets from the doctor is quite a shock and now she has to have bed rest. How can she do all this on her own? The stress is dangerous for her health and her friends step in to help. I loved her friends and thought they were so supportive of Marianna. I thought her friend Rueben was such a great person. He was her husband’s best friend and I think he felt that he needed to step in and help her out. I cried when Rueben gave her a special gift. My heart went out to Marianna knowing that her road ahead would be hard at times but her trust in God was helping her cope. What I loved about this story is a decision that Marianna makes will have some people questioning her actions. Will Marianna find love again? Will her secret divide the community ? It is a great story about trust and finding happiness .

More Than A Marriage

Tess longs to have children with her husband Jacob. She feels lonely around her husband with him being on a cell phone all the time. I found it strange that he would have a phone but I guess with his work it was a needed item to have. The problem is Jacob spends more time on his phone than quality time with Tess. He seemed to be distracted a lot and Tess soon feels like she wants to go visit her family for awhile. How will Jacob take the news that Tess wants time away from him? When Tess sees how happy her friends are , she longs for the same in her marriage. This made me think that sometimes we run from our problems instead of staying and working them out. Will Tess realize she and Jacob need to communicate their feelings before it is to late? I love when Clara Rose tells Tess, “Don’t let pride get in the way of your marriage.” How many of us are guilty of staying mad because our pride gets the best of us? I really related to this story the most. I always thought things were greener on the other side. Guess what? They aren’t and I really had to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong. This story will give you hope and remind you that God and communication is the key to a good marriage .

I received this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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