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Thursday, November 23, 2017


It’s always nice to visit old friends and a beautiful little town tucked away in the mountains. I remember going to Idaho when I was a kid. I never forgot the beautiful scenery and the quaint little towns we drove through. The author has brought those memories back with a delightful story .

Sam has everything going for her far away from Idaho. She is a great accountant but I wouldn’t say she is exactly happy. After losing her father in a tragic accident, it has caused her to be fearful. I know first hand about fear and anxiety. It is not easy to live each day worrying if something is going to happen. I was happy to read that Sam was going back home to care for her grandmother who had been in an accident. I think Sam’s grandmother stole the show in this story. She has wisdom that really helps Sam and knows her granddaughter is not herself. Having Sam take a leave from work to help her grandmother recover was the perfect medicine for her. Their bond was strong and it was nice to read that Sam really listened and appreciated her grandmother’s advice.

Nick and Sam were an item at one time, but that all changed one day. I think when they run into each other again, hurts that had never been resolved come flowing to the surface. One thing I liked about Nick was his determination. Dealing with TBI is not easy for Nick but he sure doesn’t let that stop him from wanting to find love. Will Sam and Nick rekindle their feelings? I loved how the characters each had fears that needed to conquer and relied on God to help them. The story is well written and I loved how the author reminds us to trust God in everything.

I received a copy of this book book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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