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Saturday, December 9, 2017


This book is now at the top of my favorite books for 2017. The author has talent that surpasses many famous well known authors with her details, and inspiring story. There was no way I could put the book down until I finished it. It has everything that makes a book a best seller. The characters are relatable and the storyline is emotional and intriguing. If you haven’t read one of the author’s books yet, I encourage you to grab them all. I recommended you start with this Christmas story that will leave you in tears. I’m not a big crier, but this story reached deep into my emotions and allowed me to feel every painful words and hurt that the main character endured.

You never know when you choose a path in life, where you will end up. Sophie thought she had the perfect husband but her dreams were shattered when the abuse started. The verbal abuse was just as painful as the physical abuse and Sophie knew she needed to get away. The scene where her mother -in -law verbally shamed her was powerful. I wanted to scream at Sophie to stop arguing and run as fast as she could. Sometimes people with money become power hungry and Sophie has married into a family that will do anything to keep up appearances. My heart broke as Sophie seemed to have no way out of her situation. 

The story follows Sophie as she begins a new life far away from her past. Her desire to have a child overwhelms her at times. I really liked how vulnerable the author made her as she slowly became what she hated the most. She was at times rude and judgmental which was so out of character for her. Did her anger for not having a child make her a bitter person? Her journey takes her to a small town that she hopes will become her saving grace. I have to mention Parker because he is very important to the story. He is a good man and starts to have feelings for Sophie. I found their relationship to be a bit shaky because they each had secrets they were hiding. The author explores how secrets can destroy people and how hard it is to earn a person’s trust again. 

Riley is an adorable child who longs to have a mother. Sophie and Riley have a connection right away and I loved how Sophie opened her heart to him. I loved how Sophie reached out to God and prayed for a child but also prayed for forgiveness. The cradle in the story was described so vividly that I could see it sitting in front of me. The cradle has special meaning and as you read the book, you will discover how it represents hope and love. The most important thing I took away from this book is that when you open your heart, your dreams can happen. Being a caring and loving person is easy when you love unconditionally.

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