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Thursday, January 11, 2018


This will not be an easy story to forget. I like that in a book because the author has done their job of transporting readers back to a place some of us have only heard about. It was not easy growing up in the 1930s. . Families struggled to buy food and clothing while scrimping by on low salaries. I remember going to my granddad’s farm in Oklahoma every summer when I was little. He had over 200 acres and I loved being there. Off in the distance sometimes I saw this weird thing in the sky. The sky would turn almost brown as the dust stirred up. I ran into the house and hid under the covers. I was so scared the dust was going to suffocate me. This story stirred so many fond memories of my granddad and I savored every word written. The author is a master of storytelling and I’m sad to see the series end. For me it won’t end for awhile as I can see Pearl standing there in her house talking to Opal and dancing with a smile on her face. 

Pearl is a delightful character and there were times I wanted to hug her and tell her she was the sweetest gift from God. The feeling of abandonment she felt when her mom left was devastating. A young girl who has no idea why her mom doesn’t want her is heartbreaking. The author does an excellent job of sharing the emotions Pearl goes through as she learns about prejudice. I love Pearl’s innocence and protective nature towards people she cares about.

I felt drawn to Mary the most because she had endured such heartache. I understood why she felt she needed to leave her home and family . Her pain was so unbearable she wanted to run and never look back. It must have been so hard to leave Pearl and her husband. The emotions and trauma she went through made me cry. As the story was coming to an end I sobbed. Yes I was caught up in a story that took a family through loss, prejudice and judgment. Mary reminded me of the woman who everyone wanted to throw stones at. To carry such a burden made me want to scream at the town. How dare they judge anyone when they should look at themselves first. The ending is a tear jerker and I know somewhere there is a Pearl out there finding out how to forgive . There is a Mary out there somewhere learning to let go and feel loved by her family. 

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Deana, you touched my heart with this review. Thank you so much for empathizing with Mary. Even with all she did and how far she strayed, she has always been so dear to my heart. Thank you for reading Pearl's story and for loving her as much as I do.