Friday, May 4, 2018


What an exciting story with characters that jump off the pages. If you are not familiar with rodeos you will be after reading this action packed book. I am a Texan through and through and the author was perfect on her description of how a rodeo works. I don't think I would be as together as Tessa was after almost saying hi up close with a bull. She was quick to get out of the way, but it definitely was no mistake that the bull was loose in the arena.

I liked Tessa because she is a very smart deputy and doesn't back down to anyone. Her family is not happy that someone is trying to kill her and decide she needs a bodyguard. I can hear Tessa saying, " Y'all have got to be kiddin me.  I'm a deputy. I can take care of myself." She talks a big talk, but her daddy knows best.

Braden is exactly what you expect from a cowboy. He is a tall drink of water like us Texans say. It doesn't hurt that he is a famous bull rider. The ladies swoon all over him and I laughed as Tessa rolled her eyes at all the attention he got. Braden is also a detective from Austin, Texas which makes him perfect as a bodyguard. Okay, well the family thinks it is a good idea. He did save her life so he must be good at his job.  Someone means business when Tessa continues to face danger. Who did she make madder than a wet hen?

I loved the connection between Tessa and Braden as they slowly started to depend on each other. Tessa's family is one you want to eat Sunday dinner with after church. Their values are what makes their family so special.  They love horses and it makes the story so real when you read how well they treat their animals. I loved the bond Tessa had with her horse and how much she trusted it when she did barrel racing. There is a part in the story about Braden when he was growing up that brought me to tears. I won't spoil it, but the author did an excellent job of showing his vulnerable side.

 I just have to mention one thing Braden said to Tessa in a tense moment. When he whispered, "It'll be okay, darlin, "  When a cowboy says that you know you will be safe. It's a perfect story complete with rodeo clowns, intrigue and intense danger that brings the story to an action packed ending.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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