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Sunday, May 27, 2018


It was nice to revisit the beautiful state of Hawaii through the authors eyes. The beauty of the flowers and beaches were easy to visualize. I never thought of Hawaii having mosquitoes, but it was interesting to find out that they are bad during the summertime. I always picture Hawaii with beauty everywhere and no pesky insects.  I liked Ellen and her friendship she had with Mandy. It was very hard when Mandy and her husband moved to Hawaii. What was really surprising for Ellen was the decision to sell the B&B that Ken and Mandy owned.

I could sense Ellen a bit lost after the B&B sold. She loved working there. She looks for a job, but an unexpected call from Mandy changes everything. Another interesting detail I learned was the Amish had to get special permission to fly somewhere. I just take it for granted that we can hop on a plane and go. A tragic accident with Ken has put Mandy in need of her best friend.

Ellen jumps right in when she arrives and takes Mandy's place at work. I wish I had half the energy Ellen has. She never seems to slow down. Ken has a long recovery ahead of him, and Mandy really needs Ellen to stay for awhile.  I liked the turmoil Ellen faces when she must decide between staying in Hawaii and perhaps finding romance with a certain someone, or going back home where her family is. There is also someone she had started to grow fond of at home, so what will she decide? I liked how the characters prayed through situations and I think it helped them grow spiritually. Overall a good book and nice ending.

I received a copy of this book from the authors. The review is my own opinion.

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