Wednesday, November 21, 2018


What a lovely story to start the holidays off with. Rachel is a complicated character because she has lost her memory. I can't imagine how cold and scared she was laying on the side of the road. When she is found by Caleb, I could just imagine the startled look on his face. It isn't everyday he finds a young Amish woman laying in the snow.

I loved following Rachel as she tried to remember who she was and where her family was. Can you think of a time when you forgot where your keys were and you were late for an appointment? That feeling of panic as you look around for them is nothing compared to what Rachel is going through. It was nice for Caleb's family to take her in and care for her. There were times when Caleb seemed to be upset that Rachel was there. I think maybe he didn't trust her.

The author writes a very realistic story and I liked that she didn't have Caleb immediately like Rachel. It made the story interesting to read how they had to learn to trust each other. Caleb is a man who likes things in their place, and no bumps in the road. Rachel may have upset his comfortable life, but there must be a reason he was the one who found her.

The story moves at a good pace and there are a few laughs when Rachel tries to find work. I don't know how to sew, cut fabric or other things she tried to do. I have to say thanks for allowing Rachel's favorite ice cream to be peppermint, which is my favorite. I admired her for trying  to find a job in hopes she would remember who she was. The compassion the town had for her was so nice and if I ever get lost, I pray I am found by someone like Caleb or his parents. I won's say anymore about the story because it is one you need to experience for yourself. The lesson in the book is a wonderful reminder about us never being lost. We may feel lost, but God is always there to lead us to safety. The other lesson I liked was about trusting. Rachel needed to trust that God was taking care of her when Caleb found her. Memories we each have are part of our life. When we forget them, it can be a bit unsettling. As Rachel worked through trying to remember things, I found that Caleb was also remembering things from his past. The most important thing I got from this story was how God reminds us of memories that we sometimes forget. They pop up at just the right time to bring peace and comfort. Our home is where we feel safe and our home is where God is always at.

"Home is where you belong. It may not be where you always stay, but it's the place that fits-like an old shoe . It's why we keep returning to it over and again, no matter how old we become or how far away we move."

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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