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Sunday, January 20, 2019


I love how the author takes readers on a journey traveling from  the depression era to the present. It flows so easily and I had a hard time wanting to leave each time period. I would get so engrossed in the story, I didn't want to travel to the other time period. I did wonder how I would be able to read quickly enough to get back to the other couple. The author sure had me hooked on the characters.

Jessica is trying to deal with a big loss in her life while pregnant. She had a great marriage until her husband shocked her with words she never expected to hear  from him. Have you ever had an argument and then the person walked away? That is just what happened to Jessica, only tragedy struck and she finds herself grieving the loss of two very special people. Can she learn to trust again? 

Ridley has moved next to Jessica for the summer to get away from the medial. He is hurt and trying to grasp the lies that have been told about him. What would you do if someone was spreading lies about you? Ridley is a very caring person and I liked how he reached out to Jessica with no expectations. Two lonely people dealing with forgiveness and trust will take readers on a journey that touch your heart.

I can't forget to mention Andrew and Helen. We meet them slipping back in time to the depression era. I loved how the author described the time period and how hard it was during that time for people to find work and food. Andrew will be faced with a hard truth that will find him asking for God's help. Andrew was my favorite character in the book because he has such a compassionate heart and forgives easily. He reminds me so much of my grandfather and it made me smile to have that memory of such a great man.

The story is strong in faith and scriptures that helped pull the story together in a beautiful and seamless way. The author writes with eloquence and her characters are very easy to relate to. Its a strong lesson in faith, trust and forgiveness. Everything happens for a reason, and in this story that statement is very true. Four people looking for guidance, forgiveness and happiness. This is one story that you will need to have tissues handy. I loved every minute of the story and hope you will too. Come take a journey and find out if these people will trust God. The title is perfect for this story because it made me think of who I am with my husband. With him beside me I am content, secure and know I am loved unconditionally. He is a great example of being Christ-like.

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