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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


This has been such a wonderful book to read. The author gives us a story of two women both looking for forgiveness and acceptance.  Throughout the story the author references what happened in the first book which helps readers who haven't read the first in this emotional series.

I loved that we got to know more about Sarah in this story. After finding out someone has impersonated you,  become almost a member of the family and gotten close to your grandparents, it is hard for Sarah to forgive Michelle. Sarah has other issues as well, like not knowing her grandparents even existed thanks to her mother. She still has the question of who her father is and hopes to get some answers soon.

 I loved reading how Sarah and Michelle interacted with each other. It was hard for them to live in the same house and Sarah does not trust Michelle at all. Michelle had a very hard life and we find out a bit more about her past which helps readers relate to her. We all make mistakes but being forgiven is a choice which Sarah is still having a hard time doing.. When Sarah discovers a jar in the basement one day, she realizes that it is filled with scriptures. The scriptures she read were exactly what she needed that very day. She is an angry young woman who isn't even sure if God is real sometimes.

I enjoyed watching Sarah slowly try to forgive Michelle but it will take lots of work and prayer. The jar is very significant and I would love to have one myself. That jar is filled with hope, forgiveness and love. Will Sarah allow God back into her life? Can she forgive Michelle for hurting her? I absolutely adored Sarah's grandparents. They are such a giving couple and full of love and compassion. They open their home with open arms and you can't help but feel the presence of God there. It would be nice to sit and visit with them and enjoy a meal as you are surrounded by love. Their steadfast faith encouraged others around them.

As Sarah finds herself at a crossroad one day, her emotions overflow and it was a beautiful well written scene in the story. It is never easy to swallow your pride but Sarah will find that she isn't alone as she struggles with her past. The story has many ups and downs which keeps readers intrigued. There are some emotional moments that made me cry. I highly recommend this story of forgiveness, love and the importance of family. I look forward to the next in the series.

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