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Saturday, May 25, 2019


I’m so glad to be back in Normal, Kentucky. I love this series and Mae is my favorite character. Her charisma is contagious and I would be the first in line to check into her place. Surrounded by nature and quirky characters, I would be content to stay forever.

This adventure is  filled with hitchhikers, buried secrets and a murder that rocks the community. How does Mae find herself in this mess? Perhaps it has to do with her hunky boyfriend Hank. His job as a detective just breeds danger and mystery. This latest murder is sad to me. I hated to read about the man who had been a fixture in the community for years. Did greed get him killed? Some say he had a dark secret that could cause him harm. There are others that suspected his secret and with the gossip around the campground you never know what will be said.

The gang is back in this murder mystery with all the slapstick comedy and a trail that leads to danger. I really wish someone would get smart and turn this into a show. I just imagine how funny it would be to watch Mae and the Laundry Club as they gather to talk about the latest mishaps in the town. It is  a tight group that has each other’s backs. I love how easily it is to get wrapped up in the story and forget everything around you. As always there is a squabble between Mae and Hank. Could he please make up his mind; either he wants Mae to help him in investigations or he doesn't. Gee talk about can't commit. I loved the ending and was a bit surprised at who the killer was. Well gang until next time, Happy Trails to you.

I received an arc copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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