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Sunday, June 30, 2019


This is a wonderful collection of stories that examine the different lifestyles of the Amish. Each have different rules and even different colors of buggies. Some are very strict as others are a bit more relaxed. I loved finding out more about the differences and how they each had one common thread. They were dedicated to their faith and always helped their neighbors out. I enjoyed how the author brings characters from the different stories together at some point. It was a surprise to have them a part of each story and for me brought the entire book together. Be sure to look for cameos of different characters as you read these charming stories.

Deanna’s Determination
I enjoyed this story and how one of the characters, Abner had Downs Syndrome. The author doesn’t shy away from talking about the handicap and how much of a blessing the child is. Deanna is trying to make ends meet when her husband dies. Going to the market and selling her goods is hard when you have an active child to watch as well. The author explains about Down Syndrome and helps readers understand the challenges families face. Abner was a delight to get to know and I especially loved that he seemed to always be happy.

Deanna has been through several tragedies but has a great friend in Elmer. He has been there to help her when needed but his feelings go deeper than just friendship. There is joy when Deanna says yes to marrying Elmer. He has wanted this for so long and he is excited to have Abner as his son. The bond between them is very special, but something happens to change everything. Will Elmer and Anna overcome this setback? Can Elmer swallow his pride and allow the woman he loves to help him? I loved the story and found it interesting to read about how in a minute your life can change forever.

Rose Mary's Resolve
 This story is about Rose Mary and finding her way to what God has called her for. She has a young man who adores her, but she has said several times she is not interested. He will not take no for an answer and seems to push her to continue going out with him. I did like how excited she was to work in the family furniture store. It is a big step for her and shows her becoming more responsible and maturing.

Tom can be pretty persuasive and he is trying hard to push Rose Mary into the English world. It can be tempting to some who wonder what it would be like to drive a car, wear clothes other than Amish and go anywhere you wanted. Will Rose Mary be tempted to dip her toes in another culture? When a plane lands in an Amish field, I could just image the shocked look on the neighbors faces. Luckily the pilot is not seriously  injured and Rose Mary's family takes him in to help him. As Kevin stays with the family while his plane is being repaired, Rose Mary seems to be getting attached to him. They share lunches together and he enjoys helping around the farm. I think Rose Mary's parents are hoping his plane gets fixed soon so he can leave. They are becoming concerned about the closeness Rose Mary and Kevin are sharing.

It is a wonderful story of making choices and following God's direction. I loved the way Rose Mary stuck to her belief's while deciding if Kevin was the right person for her. The story is a nice look at the Amish life and how devoted they are to family.

Leila's Longing

Leila is a sweet young woman who helps run the family shop. She is very uncomfortable around people at times. She is not sure of herself and often wonders why she has not caught the eye of any young men in the community. It doesn't help that an old friend of hers comes into the shop and reminds her how lonely she really is.

With her mother's encouragement, she suggests Leila should spend more time around people her own age. Maybe she could attend some of the singing get together's for young people. I could relate to Leila so easily. I was pretty unhappy as a child and very shy. I didn't want to hang out with anyone and I was picked on a lot.

I liked how Leila started to become comfortable after she met Aden at the singing. He didn't like the way she was treated at the singing and is intrigued by her. Maybe he can help her overcome her shyness and start to open up to him. This story is emotional and brought tears to my eyes. I loved how Leila started to come out of her shell and express her feelings to Aden. There are many changes that happen to her and her family that will help Leila become more confidant and be able to forgive those who had hurt her in the past.

I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher. The review is my own opinion.

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