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Saturday, June 1, 2019


What a wonderful story this is. I loved the adventure the author took us on and how vivid the details were. Abigail has never really experienced true love most of her life. I was appalled at how dismissive her family was to her. They couldn’t get rid of her fast enough and to a complete stranger at that. Her family didn’t care about her safety as was quite evident when she ventured out on her own.

A prearranged marriage to a Baron was awaiting her and she was excited to be wanted by someone. When Abigail hires Samuel to see her safely to her destination, the journey began. I can’t forget to mention how much I liked Samuel. He is strong, hard headed and true to his word.

I really enjoyed reading about the long journey they took and the dangers they faced. It was not an easy trip and there were times I wasn’t sure if they would make it. I kept thinking how odd it was that Abigail was traveling to marry a man she didn’t really know. What would this man called Sir Johnathan gain by marrying Abigail? Along the way they also have to deliver a child to someone that Samuel promised he would do. The place he was to leave little Emma was not fit for anyone to live in. Emma stole my heart and I loved the addition of her to the story.

The author delivers a wonderful story that takes us across miles of land and danger that surrounds the main characters. The banter between Abigail and Samuel at times is hysterical. I could see right through them and knew there was an attraction brewing between them. They both adored Emma and as they  drew closer to Abigail’s destination, you could feel the emotions overflowing. Is it possible that Abagail has already found love?

I did not like nor trust Sir Johnathan at all. He was rude, untrustworthy and really just a mean person. His dislike for Emma is obvious and that didn’t set well with Samuel or Abigail. He is definitely hiding something and I didn’t feel like he was marrying Abigail for love. Will Abagail trust God to guide her? Don’t miss this beautifully written story of finding love and happiness.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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