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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


I am so glad to have the honor of reading and reviewing a book that is an example of God’s love. The characters are wonderful and very east to relate to. Natalie is hungry to learn more about God and her best friend Lucas is guiding her through scriptures and his own experiences to help her.  There is a little bump in their friendship as Natalie is English and Lucas is Amish.

I loved how the author shows the uneasiness that their family and friends have when the two seem to grow closer. Natalie is heartbroken when everyone steps in to break their relationship up. There is a reason for everything that happens in life.  Natalie believes that God put Lucas in her life to help her grow her relationship with God. Now she wonders if that was all or is there more that God has planned for them?

The author also gives us a look into a broken relationship between mother and daughter. Natalie is bitter at times because her mother is taking the divorce from her father so hard. Having to continually give her financial support is causing a strain on her own finances. I loved reading how they each had to let God soften their hearts and understand that bitterness was destroying their relationship.

I have to mention Helen, Lucas’s mother. She is very protective of her family and has a dislike for Natalie and her mother. It was kind of funny to read about her using binoculars to spy on her neighbor. I won’t say why she was but it made me understand how we can push our views onto others and judge them. There were times I just wanted to tell Helen to stop interfering and let God handle the situation. How many times have we judged people? I did like how the author does give us a glimpse of the differences between English and Amish beliefs.

The story is such an emotional journey through compromise, forgiveness and acceptance.It explores what true love is and questions how to tell if you will have the kind of love for another person for a lifetime. It is never easy to know if a love will last. but I have learned that love between two people is a commitment that calls for patience, compromise and including God in the relationship.

One thing I found interesting is that Amish don't believe in divorce so they just stay together and work things out. In society people walk away everyday from a marriage without trying to sit and talk it out. We sometimes don't include God in our marriage and the enemy gladly takes that as an invitation to break up a family.

There is an unexpected twist in the story that causes chaos in several lives. The author took me by surprise and I loved how the twist leads to compassion and forgiveness. I have to say the author has surpassed my expectations in a story that reminds us to listen to God and the meaning of a love that never fails.

I received an arc copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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