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Sunday, December 1, 2019


Grace and Luke both have a problem -- they don't want the life they have and they want the life the other has. 

But their circumstances and their desire to honor the memory of a dead loved one keeps them bound.

Can Luke show Grace the God he loves, and can Grace find the love she needs?

Matthew returns to Christmas Inn to celebrate his fortieth anniversary alone, intending to take his own life so he can join his beloved Sarah, who passed on to glory the previous January. Not certain how—or if—he will go on without her, Matthew learns on his arrival that the old inn will close its doors on New Year’s Eve. A developer has purchased the building and intends to tear it down and put up a chain hotel. Determined to keep his memories and his connection to Sarah alive, Matthew embarks on a harebrained scheme to keep the inn open. Edith Cochrane, a widow, comes to Christmas Inn because she has nowhere else to spend the holidays. Her children are angry with her because she refuses to choose to live with one of them. Edith and her husband enjoyed a long marriage and a long mission-field ministry, but ever since his passing the previous year, Edith has found herself at loose ends. She comes to Christmas Inn to spend some time thinking about her options. Can Matthew and Edith save the old hotel—and themselves—or will they run out of time?

Christmas Under the Stars November 1858, Utah Territory Edie Meredith strives to keep her temper and her tongue under control as she heads west with her brother to California. Raised in an itinerant preacher family, she promises she will never marry a man of the cloth. Tom Aiken, drover of the wagon train, longs to answer his true calling: to preach, and while he realizes not every woman would choose a preacher for a husband, he hopes to soon find his help-meet. Suspicious ‘accidents’ plague their journey. Is someone trying to keep them from reaching their destination? Or will misunderstanding and circumstances keep them apart?

Donna is a Canadian by birth, an American by choice. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Patrick. She pens historical suspense, while her alter-ego, Leeann Betts, writes contemporary suspense. Donna and Leeann have authored more than 25 published novels and novellas. She judges in several writing contests; ghostwrites; edits; facilitates a critique group; and teaches at writing conferences and in online forums. She is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary.

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  1. These sound interesting. I do enjoy Christmas stories!