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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


The author has captured a sweet story that focuses on two people considered “different.” I loved the way the characters are introduced and how gentle their story is told. The topic of Down Syndrome is one that few books are written about. It is easy  to fall in love with Jenna and Buddy. Their connection is pure and filled with joy. Being accepted has always been both of their desires and finding each other really boosts their confidence. Jenna is considered to be “simple” since her accident. Both mothers seemed overprotective and Jenna  and Buddy set out to prove their independence.

I didn’t care for Jenna’s mother at all. She never let Jenna do anything and continuously reminded her that she was “special.” Oh how my heart broke for Jenna. Her mother was a bit abrupt with Buddy and her attitude towards his mother made me upset. I began to wonder if maybe Jenna’s mother was angry at God and didn’t know how to get past it. I loved when Jenna and Buddy ran into each other at the bakery. You could feel how excited they were to see each other. When I read that Buddy’s favorite cake was chocolate cake with peppermint frosting I smiled. My grandmother use to make that for my birthday every year. Oh how I loved that cake and how special it made me feel.

I loved getting to read about Jenna and Buddy as their relationship grew. Two people who saw only love with no handicaps at all will warm your heart in this well written story. The author does a great job of showing us how we should not judge others and that family is important. I can’t help but think of how pure God’s love is and that is represented in this story by Jenna and Buddy. It was interesting to see if  the families would accept a relationship that they were against. The bond between Jenna and her mother will be tested and trust will play a big part in teaching parents to let go and give their children to God. This story has become my favorite from the author with emotions that grab your heart as you witness unconditional love.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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