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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


When Lisette Pelletier answers an ad to become a physician in the frontier town of Willow Wood, Idaho, she knows her life will change forever. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the U.S. Marshal whose life she saves on her way to town.

Federal Marshal Grayson Dutton spent his career protecting pioneers, chasing down bandits, settling disputes before they erupted into gunfire, and returning fire when needed. None of it prepared him for dealing with a feisty lady doc who can’t see when she’s in over her head.

When Grayson hears the gang of outlaws that attacked the stagecoach that brought Lisette to Willow Wood have targeted the lady doc, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her. Lisette doesn’t want to give the lawman the reins to her life. She came west to serve the people of Willow Wood, not hide under her bed in fear at the first sign of danger.

She certainly didn’t plan to fall for a long-legged lawman whose kisses make her dream of marriage, babies, and happily-ever-after, all the things that conflict with her call to medicine. Can she find a place in her life and her heart for love? Can Grayson tame the wild filly before she gets both of them killed?

Author Bio
Teresa Slack loves reading, writing, and falling in love. Creating clean and wholesome western romances where fearless cowboys still sweep independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice for her.

She writes from her home in the beautiful southern Ohio hills, which she shares with her husband and rescue dog and rescue cat. Any errors and typos she blames on the cat randomly running across her keyboard.

Learn more about Teresa Slack and her books by visiting her website at Readers who sign up for her newsletter will receive a free download of A Promise for Josie: A Willow Wood Prequel.
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Oh my let me just say how wonderful this story is. I was happy to see it was a western type story and had a strong  female character. Lisette is one stubborn,  fiery, knows what she wants, determined to follow God’s calling kinda woman. Her desire to be a physician is coming true when she gets the word she will be the doctor for a small town. Women doctors in this time period were not exactly a welcomed sight. I had flashbacks of a show that I watched faithfully every week. This story reminds me of  Dr. Quinn  Medicine Woman. The show much like this story has a female doctor who has to prove herself to the community. 

Lisette has a way about  her that seems  to ease people’s minds. She slowly begins to get acquainted with the town folk and thanks God for answering her prayers. I loved how the author writes a story filled with adventure, outlaws, faith and a budding romance. 

Grayson is coming back to the ranch to help his dad out and has retired somewhat from being a lawman. Along the way he has made enemies that won’t stop till they get their revenge. It was certainly an unfortunate way that  Lisette and Grayson met. That encounter will one day soon play  a big part in the story as several men are out for revenge against the two. I really liked the townspeople and I especially liked Polly. She is an older woman who is lonely and learns to trust Lisette. Their relationship was like a grandmother and granddaughter. Lisette always took her time with every patient and made them feel important. 

The story takes on a little adventure when outlaws track Grayson down. The encounter between the outlaws and Grayson put Lisette in danger. I loved Grayson’s bravery and how faithful he was to God who he depended on to guide his every move. The romance in the story is done tastefully and I did laugh how Lisette was so sure that God  had called her to be a doctor but not a wife as well. This storyline is a great lesson in listening to God and being  able to allow yourself a life outside your profession. It is a nice story and I look forward to reading more by this author.

I received a digital copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion. 

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