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Friday, March 25, 2022


 The book features four authors who each take us on a journey into the  world of hard labor, dreams , romance and a bit of intrigue. I love that we get to experience different stories and how each author shows their talent by giving us a taste of their writing skills.  

All That Glitters by Candice Sue Patterson 

The rumors of gold bring chaos to the small town where men are giving up everything to become rich. I enjoyed Wini and how hard she worked to provide for her mother and sister-in-laws. 

Jess is a hard working lumberjack who saves Wini from drowning. There seemed to be a really quick  relationship between the two but it is feasible because of how short the story is. 

With fast talking men who convinve others that there is gold to be found, Wini and Jess start to get suspicious. The mystery is really  good and I enjoyed how the scheme was exposed. I really liked how the story is based on a true historical account. Be sure to read the author’s  notes at the end to discover more  interesting information about this event during 1887.

Winter Rose by Peggy Thomas

This is a sweet story about a young lady who is desperate to leave the lumberjack camp. Her and her mother work tirelessly to feed the men, but Eliza Beth wants something more. Her desire to be a teacher is close at hand, but will she be accepted? I loved reading how the camp works and how difficult it was to live in one during the cold weather. 

Wes also has a dream and being a lumberjack is not it. He works hard at the job though so he can save money for his dream. It was a little hard to break the ice with Eliza Beth and I’m glad the author didn’t rush their relationship. There are a few funny moments when Wes gets jealous of another man showing Eliza Beth attention. If he only knew the true feelings between those two he would be embarrassed of his jealousy. 

It is a nice story that shares dreams and hopes of a better future. It also highlights the danger of being a lumberjack and how easy someone can be injured. The ending is nice and I’m happy that the author shows how you should never give up on your future.

Not For Love by Naomi Musch

This is a more emotional story that center around a widow. Maggie wants to save her farm but can’t do it on her own. She has this hair-brained idea that she needs to marry again by finding a lumberjack. She sends out a letter hoping that someone will answer and be willing to marry her in name only. The circuit preacher does give her very sound advice  when he says, “it’s not a matter of understanding as being awfully careful about knowing what the will of the Lord is.” I’m sure we have all stepped out ahead of God’s will thinking we know best. I couldn’t wait to see what response Maggie gets from her letter. 

Jack’s introduction to Maggie is at first a bit uncomfortable. After encountering a few other men who she didn’t trust she was a little weary of Jack. He may be just what she needs as they agree to see how the next free months work out. His staying in the barn will help her reputation but will they be able to keep their feelings as just friends?  

Charlie really irritated  me with his constant badgering of Maggie. He is so set on the idea that she should sell the farm that he becomes impossible at times. He seems to have her best interest at heart, but I’m not sure if maybe there was another reason why he wanted her to sell the farm. His heart is in the right place but he is so overprotective of his sister that he constantly fights with her about the farm. 

The story is filled with trials as Maggie and Jack try to live as husband and  wife. Their  arrangement seems to be working but there are times when they both wonder if they made the right decision. The author captures their emotions in a realistic way and I loved how they each struggled with their feelings for each other. Beautiful ending that reminds us to trust God. 

Undercover Logger by Jennifer Lamont Leo

I loved that the setting of this story is in Idaho. I went through there as a little girl and adored it. It is a picturesque place and I have always wanted to go back. I laughed when Michael is sent by his father to the small town in Idaho for training in the bank the family owns. His escapades sends  his father into a decision that didn’t set well with Michael. What is he suppose to do in this little town? 

Carrie travels to her company to find out why it has not been profitable for awhile. Her husband left her the company in his will and she has big dreams to prosper  the logging  company. When she arrives Reed tries to distract her from the company but she is determined to find out what is going on. I loved how  independent she was and not afraid to step on toes to get to the  bottom of why her company is losing money. 

The author has a clever idea putting Michael and Carrie together in the office to sort out what is going on. I could just imagine the pile of papers stacked everywhere. Michael doesn’t trust Reed and sets out to prove that Carrie is being  swindled. The investigation Michael does is clever and I loved how he wanted to do the right thing for Carrie while proving to  his father that he can  be trusted. This story has a few twists in it to keep  you guessing.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing. The review is my own opinion.


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