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Tuesday, October 18, 2022


Jesus came into this world silently, bringing the gift of peace to a hurting world. In the midst of the crazy, messy lives of the people in these stories, will they be able to hear His whisper of peace over the clamoring of their hearts this Christmas season?

A Mosaic Christmas Anthology IV


"Christmas at the Crossroads" by Eleanor Bertin

Myra and Sue are best friends. One is raised in a strict, religious home, the other permissively indulged. Which one will influence the other? When the teens are caught breaking the law near Christmas, the consequences force them to a crossroads with unexpected results.

"The Magic of Christmas" by Lorna Seilstad

Occupational therapist Shayna Winters will do anything to create some magic for her pediatric patients this Christmas. But when an accident on the gridiron lands Dante Gallo's nephew in her care, she has to find a way to make her former boyfriend see that peace is more than an illusion.

"A Single Spark of Light" by Sara Davison

God had abandoned him a long time ago. And Ty didn’t blame him one bit.

Tyrone Jones will never forgive himself for the people he hurt in the past. And he has no reason to believe that God will ever forgive him either. Until he meets a stranger on a bridge one night a couple of weeks before Christmas.

A stranger who sends Ty on a quest that just might change his life—and his heart—forever.

"Reclaiming Tomorrow" by Angela D. Meyer

An old threat resurfaces, forcing Josie to face her greatest fear.

Josie Ferris is making strides to build a new life when an old threat resurfaces. Will Josie trust her new friend Daniel enough to let him teach her how to defend herself so that she can stand up to the man determined to destroy her future?

"Whispered Miracle" by Stacy Monson

Casey Younghans has bounced around foster care most of her life. About to age out and unprepared to be on her own, she faces an uncertain future alone. Being sent to Outlook Adventure Camp for Christmas is just one more place she won’t be welcome. Then she meets Lula, the tiny dog with understanding eyes, and the camp staff who seem to accept her, attitude and all. Could she actually find a way to fit into the world just the way she is? It would be a miracle.


Christmas at the Crossroads by Eleanor Bertin

This is a nice story about two friends who enjoy spending time with each other. They come from different backgrounds which makes for an interesting turn of events. I am a preacher’s kid and growing up I was always the outsider. Everyone called me goodie  two shoes which made me cringe. As we follow

Myra and Susan we start to see a little rebellion creep up. Susan and  Myra get caught stealing and causes both girls to face consequences. I liked how the author took Susan on a journey to discover how she could turn away  from her rebellious spirit. It was nice to see an adult take time to share God with a teenager. Myra surprised me in her actions yet I understood her so well. Just like Myra I turned away from God thinking I would become popular and wanted to disobey everything I had been taught. Great lesson on what happens when you sin and how you can be redeemed and find Christ. 

The Magic of Christmas by Lorna Seilstad

I loved reading how Shayna was so dedicated to her patients. Although one of her patients is the nephew of her ex-boyfriend she gives her all to get him back to where he once was as a football player. You could feel the tension when Dante finds out that Shayna is his nephew’s therapist. He can’t deny that she is doing  a great job but he still isn’t comfortable being around her. Someone is holding bitterness towards another and the author draws our attention to it in the story. 

When Shayna and Dante have a disagreement about Luca’s care, the tension becomes overwhelming. I was quite surprised at what Shayna confessed to Dante. I can’t imagine having to relearn everything that use to come easy. Shayna knows exactly what obstacles Luca is facing. Can she convince Dante that she is the best occupational therapist for him? I admire Shayna and how her faith has seen her the through the darkest moment in her life. This is a great story about anger and control. Once we learn that we can’t control everything we can let go and let God. 

A Single Spark of Light by Sara Davison 

Ty has a big uphill battle before  him as he is released from prison. Walking along the street and seeing Christmas decorations doesn’t exactly get him in the mood. He has a past that tries to draw him back into that  dark hole he doesn’t want to ever visit again. Feeling all alone he starts to think about the gang he use to be in and seems to feel that maybe he could just go back with them til he gets on his feet. 

I was riveted to the story as Ty is near the edge of a bridge calling out to God. He feels all alone but soon hears a voice asking if he needs help. Who is this stranger that asks Ty if he needs help and tells him he is a good listener? The story Ty shares with the stranger is hard to read. The many things he had to do to be in the gang was horrible to read. Stealing, setting a fire and taking a  life didn’t seem to bother him back then. Now he sees how wrong it was but doesn’t think God will ever forgive him. 

The wisdom this stranger shares with Ty reminds us that God  forgives us and you can begin a new relationship with Him. It may sound foreign to Ty but he must decide if he wants to be set free from the sins that  still  causes him to doubt God. I liked how Ty started to see his heart soften as he learned  that God was there to help him. I could feel the turmoil he faced and wanted him to let go and trust God. “You can’t change the past, but you can find your way out of the darkness.” 

This is a beautiful story of redemption and surrendering to God. Ty may have a journey before  him but with God all things are possible. It shows how powerful it is to forgive and be forgiven. I was shocked at who the  stranger was that first spoke to Ty on that bridge. Guilt and shame can hold you back, but Ty took a step of faith and took responsibility for everything he had done. We need to remember to give our burdens to God and allow Him to set us free from anything that holds us back from Him. 

Reclaiming Tomorrow by Angela D. Meyer

Josie is trying to make a new start but her past may catch up with her. I couldn’t wait to read her story and see what she was running from. Living with her parents has been nice but now Josie is ready to move into  her own apartment with her son. She wants to do this on her own but  her parents offer to help which makes Josie gets defensive. I think Josie may be dealing with pride and allowing her past to keep her from getting close to anyone. 

Daniel is a good character and wants to make Josie comfortable around him. When he shares his past there is a little hesitation on Josie’s part. I liked how open Daniel was and told Josie that he understands that she needs time to trust him. There is a little suspense  in this story that gave me chills. Josie has been so careful to keep where she lives a secret. In a blink of an eye her worse fear is standing in front of her as he holds onto her son. You can tell in her voice that she is trembling. 

I liked how Josie stood her ground and didn’t let the threat against  her make her run away. She has become confident and realizes that she is stronger than she thought. It is a nice Christmas for all as Josie and Daniel see a future together. 

Whispered Miracle by Stacy Monson 

 This story had me crying as I got to know Casey. She has been in foster care for so long  that she misses being part of a real family. When her foster mother dies, Casey blames herself. She is bitter, lonely and unsure of her future. When she finds out that her brother is sending  her to Outlook Adventure Camp for Christmas she is not happy. All she wants to do is stay at home, feel sorry for herself and cry about the loss of her foster mom who she became very close to. 

Being at the camp opens Casey up to what it feels like to belong. Everyone is friendly and shares  their story with her. I loved how she began to trust them and start to feel like  maybe she finally belonged. With the help of a sweet  little dog Casey starts to open up and begin to let all her anger and fear out. I loved the ending and how Christmas for Casey healed her broken heart.

I received a copy of this book from the authors and publisher. The review is my own opinion.

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