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Thursday, June 29, 2023


Fireworks aren't the only things causing sparks this Fourth of July in Holiday Junction! The much-awaited sixth book in the Holiday Cozy Mystery series, Fourth of July Forgery, immerses readers in a mystery that's more intricate than a firework's design.

When the festive atmosphere is dampened by the grim discovery of a body on the shore, it's up to our firecracker reporter, Violet Rhinehammer, to fizzle out the truth. Delving into the shadowy world of art dealing and potential forgeries, Violet must crack this case faster than a skyrocket, all while trying to keep her relationships and reputation from going up in smoke.

As she navigates the labyrinth of deception and accusation, Violet realizes that even in Holiday Junction, secrets can still explode like a M80. Can she solve the puzzle before the last sparkler has fizzled out, or will the fuse on this mystery burn too quickly for her to handle?

Featuring a captivating blend of small-town charm, holiday high-jinks, and a puzzling mystery, Fourth of July Forgery is a firecracker of a summer read, sure to delight cozy mystery fans and holiday enthusiasts alike. This book is more entertaining than a grand finale of fireworks, proving once again that when it comes to holiday mysteries, Violet Rhinehammer is the 'bomb'!"


It’s time for another adventure with Violet and her sassy mama.  These two together make for lots of laugh as they discover secrets n the quaint town. I love how the town celebrates every holiday with parades, food, entertainment and shopping.  Stumbling upon a body at the beach, Violet is ready to get answers . Too bad there is a storm brewing in the town as fingers start pointing at each other. Who is this man that  is found dead and what does his involvement in the art world cause many to fear for their safety? 

As Violet starts her investigation she finds herself in the Art District. It is so different then back in town and I loved how the author visually took us on a tour with vivid details of art work. I felt like I was walking beside Violet and the guide as the paintings and sculptures emitted beauty and prestige. As they say, “every picture is worth  a thousand words,” and these were speaking  clearly for all to hear. Violet begins to understand the value and how many people would desire to have one of these works of art in their home.    

Get ready for a trip into  the art world where danger lurks just behind closed doors. Violet and her instincts find her face to face with the killer. I kind of suspected this person but was more focused on someone else that the author fooled me once again. With fireworks, laughs and a few twists the story it reminds us that Holiday Junction is filled with love, excitement and adventure.

“We can’t let fear hold us back from seeking the truth.” 

I received a digital copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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