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Monday, July 17, 2023


After a brutal attack, it took Nevaeh Williams six years to rebuild her life. Now a security specialist at the Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency, she faces danger nearly every day. But when an old friend is targeted, her fragile stability begins to crumble.

Celebrity bodyguard Branson Aaberg could lose more than his career if he fails to end the mysterious threat against his client. Soon he’s more concerned with rescuing the tough but vulnerable woman who joins his security team.

Nevaeh is there to protect her friend, but what if she needs protection? What if the feeling she’s being watched isn’t the result of her traumatized imagination? If the danger is real, Nevaeh's only hope for survival may be the God powerful enough to defeat her worst enemy—the one she doesn't see before it's too late.

Unseen Danger continues the thrilling story of the elite Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency that began with Hidden Danger (Guardians Unleashed, #1). (Each book can stand alone or be read as series installments.)


I advise readers to make sure they are ready to not put this book down until the very end. Yes it is that good and will leave you wanting more from the author. Her writing style is gritty, emotional and faith filled. The characters jump off the pages as each one is able to take center stage. I was captivated by how the author highlights PTSD in a way that digs deep into the emotional struggle that people face as they try to reach a place of comfort. In this installment we get to know Nevaeh and Branson on a more personal level. 

The author unwraps Nevaeh in a way that gives us a peek inside the turmoil she has gone through. Her job demands her full attention but something is off and her boss takes notice. I liked how Nevaeh was determined to keep an old friend safe even though danger lurked almost immediately. With her dog Alverez who is a trained K-9 their bond is fierce. I have always admired K-9 dogs and how protective they are. Their ability to sniff out danger is amazing and much needed for their owner. I did like how we were taken back to when Nevaeh was brutally attacked several years ago. It gave me chills reading how one person could inflict so much pain on another. Has she fully recovered from that attack? 

Branson is the star in this book for me. His compassion for his dad who is very ill is shown is a loving way. He takes a job with a rapper as a bodyguard even though it is not the ideal environment. His honest talks with God are emotional and shows how he struggles at times with his faith. His sacrifice to help his father pay medical bills keeps him going everyday. His dream starts to fade away as he knows that every penny  he has saved and money he now earns goes to his dad’s medical bills. I loved that Branson is not bitter about putting his dream on hold and trusts God to see him through the hard times. 

The attraction between Nevaeh and Brandon is like a slow burn where they each fight their feelings but know that there is chemistry between them. It is hard at times for them to work together as they grow closer to each other. The danger and non stop action keep them preoccupied with threats, kidnappings and explosions that reach a high level of a thrilling adventure. Someone wants to harm D-Chop and will do whatever it takes to get to him. This is where we see how the author can grab readers attention with a thriller that keeps hearts racing. It is intense at times and I found myself with chills running down my arms as I realized that someone is also after Nevaeh as well. 

The team along with Branson are in a race to keep one step ahead of the threat while trying to stay alive. The mixture of faith in the story drives the characters forward as they each face having to trust God. Nevaeh is put in a place where her faith and trust in God is the only way to survive when someone gets too close to her. Will she surrender to God and ask for help? Can Branson get to her in time? Who wants to kill D-Chop and why? Grab a copy and find out the answers in this must read book. 

“If I don’t control my fear it will control me.” 

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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