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Thursday, October 12, 2023


This is a novella**

Mae West has been kidnapped...BY THE LAUNDRY CLUB LADIES for a spa retreat bachelorette party like no other.
Dottie's screaming at the stripper to put it back on instead of keep taking off, fun bride games, and spa activities don't keep these sleuthing friends off the tracks of a killer when one of the other brides ends up dead!

Put a group of nervous brides and slew of prissy brides maids together, meddling along with jealousy brings out a bridezilla who will do anything to make her day more special than anyone, even Mae!


Poor Mae has been kidnapped and on her way to her surprise bachelorette party. The group is off on an adventure that is sure to be filled with fun, mystery and laughs galore. Buckle up your seatbelt everyone. This is going to be a wild ride when Mae and The Laundry Club Ladies  are together. I can tell that  Mae is not thrilled where they brought her to. What were they thinking anyway? Mae does meet another bride to be and make plans to go hiking the next morning. 

Mae is up bright and early waiting on Sloan so they can enjoy the sunset. How long should Mae wait for  Sloan? After being at least thirty minutes late, Mae decides to go anyway. Everything is going great until she spots something laying down by the lake. I can already guess who Mae is going to find. The question is why and who did it? The way the bride to be died was awful and definitely was intentional. Now it looks like the bachelorette party has turned into a murder  investigation. 

I do find it funny that Sloan’s friends bring her to a bachelorette party when technically she is already married. That  sure seems a bit fishy to me. Now I begin my list of suspects as I follow Mae’s lead. With unexplained photos missing from social media, an argument between Sloan and someone in front of an ATM, there is quite a bit of excitement going on. The story has some twists that took me off who I suspected and oh my was I surprised at the guilty person. Great little story to get readers excited about a really big day coming up. When is the wedding dear author? 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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