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Monday, July 13, 2015

Calm Like Home by Kaisa Clark

Jul 08, 2015
rating5 of 5 stars
701st )
statusRead on July 12, 2015
I received a copy of this book for an honest review

Alexa is a young woman who glides through life , not really letting her emotions show. She longs to feel a deep connection with someone, to love so fiercely that she breathes with force as she thinks about him. Will she ever find that love, she wonders ?

Adam is a tall, good looking guy who works with Alexa. They have a great friendship and are comfortable around each other. One day that changed when they both begin to spend time together away from work . Slowly their friendship becomes a relationship so intense that they realize they can't be without each other.

As they become closer , Alexa begins to see a dark side of Adam. He has days where he becomes distant and withdrawn. What is making Adam seem to pull away from her? She is consumed with him and her days are filled with constant thoughts of him.

When Adam returns to college, Alexa becomes depressed and knows that Adam is the one who brings her happiness, who shows her a love like she has never experienced. It is hard for both of them to be apart from each other. One evening as they are out, an altercation between Adam and another guy will show Alexa a side of Adam that scares her. Can he control his temper without hurting someone? What is this deep embedded secret that tortures Adam and makes him pull away from Alexa at times?

The author has written such an amazing story of two people that experience a love that only comes along once in a lifetime. Her words are like smooth silk as she describes the tender moments between Alexa and Adam. The story takes the reader through heartache, hurt, and a passion between two people that will leave you breathless.

I found myself so engrossed in the story as the author wrote a book filled with emotions so raw and real that you could feel their pain and their total comittment to each other. This story will stay with you long after the last word is read.The author writes this powerful passage in the book that will touch your deepest emotion and leave you with a moment that touches the core of your heart. "Love has the power to draw you out, to break you down. It can force you to feel more than you ever thought possible, sending you soaring , floating, to carefree highs."

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