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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Homeowner with a Gun by Samuel Hawley

I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing for an honest review

Jeff is a typical everyday man married to Allison or Aliie as he affectionately calls her. They have two children , Nick and Shannon. Jeff works as a grocer and Allison has a job at an office. They live comfortably in a nice two story home and are surrounded by neighbors you can depend on. . The neighbor hood is a nice quiet place to raise children.

One night very early in the morning there is a sound coming from downstairs. Jeff grabs his gun and tells his wife to call 911. From the moment he takes his first step down stairs , his life will be changed forever. He discovers someone in his kitchen and warns him to stop.athr man ignores Jeff's warning and fearing for his life shoot him., Then he races out the back door after the other and yells for him to stop. Jeff doesn't want to take another like, but has no choice and shoots again.

As the cops arrive they do an investigation and ask Jeff and Allison if they knew the men or knew why they were breaking in. The two dead men are identified as members of a local gang called , ANG which stands for Ain't No Game. They take Jeff down town to question him , but don't charge him with anything. Through bureaucratic red tape, they keep Jeff's gun. It is the only weapon he has to protect his family.

Things seem to settle down till one evening the phone rings. Jeff answers and a voice threatens him on the phone. They are out to avenge their brothers who he killed. Jeff and Allison decide that her and the kids should go stay at her parents till these men are caught. Plans sometimes don't work out the way you want and before they can get packed up , their house is sprayed with flying bullets and shattered glass everywhere. When the attack ends., someone in the family is gravely hurt. What innocent member of Jeff's family is seriously injured? Will this take Jeff over the edge and seek revenge on his own to find out who are trying to kill his famiy?

The other main player in this story is I-Man or the Instigator. He has just been released from prison and is on parole. His cell mate told him a secret before he died. Was the secret a money opportunity for I-Man?
The story centers around Jeff's house and a secret that has been buried there for a long time? Is it so valuable that people would kill for it?

The author has written a heart racing action story that keeps you guessing with well conceived twists and turns. Jeff is very resourceful and will stop at nothing to ensure his family's safety. Jeff and I-Man will come face to face in a battle that will have you glued to the pages. It is fast paced with great attention to character development.

The author has brilliantly given us a story so realistic that he could be pulled from a front page newspaper. The story is filled with powerful survival instincts , that have your adrenaline pumping as the story races to an ending that you won't forget. What would you do to protect your home and family?

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