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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heaven's Symphony by Steve Swanson

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network for an honest review

I wasn't  really sure what to expect from this book. Was it going to be a book about how we were suppose to worship? Would I feel inadequate in my worship time after reading this book? The answer to these questions set me on a path to truely understand how powerful worship can be and how I felt a peace come over me as I read this amazing book.

I related to the author instantly when he said his dad was a pastor. I , too am a preacher's kid. Sometimes that is a hard journey to travel , but as I read the book I began to understand the choices we are given that points us in different directions. I loved when the author said" Its easy to trust God and obey when life is what you want it to be. It's harder to trust and obey when we, like Christ, must take up our crosses to follow him."

I appreciate the author's transparency as he went through the hurt of going through a divorce. In those moments , he knew that God was working on him . He felt despair, loneliness and a sense of being lost. When he encountered his new wife Lisa, he was still feeling despair, but God had ordained an encounter with Timothy who became an amazing friend to him. I love the journey he experiences as  he began to find his way back to God.

As the author begins to regain his trust in God , his worship became more meaningful and heartfelt. The author said," God loves to encounter us in corporate worship, but He is also looking for individuals who will be a tabernacle of praise."

Throughout the book, I began to see more clearly what true , unabashed worship is. Letting yourself be  lost in his presence and giving Him all of you is what He wants. Everyone worships differently, and when we become comfortable letting go, we find ourselves in the beauty of His presence. Thank you for writing a book that helped me be more free in my worship and less distracted by others around me.

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