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Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Splash of Substance by Elizabeth Maddrey

I received a copy of this book from book for an honest review

Paige Jackson is a great chef and decides to branch out on her own, instead of working along side her dad in his restaurant. She opens a catering business that buys local , sustainable items and believes in using every part with no waste. Have you ever had beef tongue ? Paige believes that it can be a very good menu item if made the right way.

Jackson Trent has a very demanding job working for  Senator Carson. He has a deep passion for his faith and tries to weave his beliefs into the political field. He seems to have his job under control , until the Senator assigns him the task of finding a caterer for a fundraiser. After several attempts for Jackson to find someone , the Senator steps in and tells Jackson she wants Paige's company to do the catering .  He has his doubts about Paige but after a meal she prepares , he is pleasantly surprised at how great the food is. Will this be the boost Paige needs to help get her name out there? Can she become successful while still maintaining her strict beliefs of sustainable foods?

When Paige and Trent meet, the author gives us subtle hints of perhaps a relationship that could develop. I liked the banter between the two characters and the determination that Paige has. It seems that all is well until a scandal involving the Senator brings changes to Jackson and Paige's lives. The author gives us a great political dilemma and takes both characters on a journey that could threaten their relationship.

Can Paige and Jackson find happiness? Will they rely on God in their darkest hour? I loved how the story builds slowly and then gives us an unforgettable journey of forgiveness, scandal, hope and direction. The author leaves you wanting more and I'm glad to know that the story continues in "A Pinch of Promise."

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