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Thursday, September 10, 2015

From Heaven to Earth by Adam F. Thompson

I received a copy of this book from and Destiny Image for an honest review I wasn't sure what to expect from this book knowing that sometimes this type of book is hard to understand or can be to in depth for me to comprehend. I was pleasantly surprised that the book had a natural flow that helped you to understand your giftings . In the book it talks about how "we are called to grow as Christians ." He wants us to get up and go out and be disciples for Him. He is calling us to a higher place and not to sit on the sidelines. I liked the author's details of interpreting dreams and how even in our dreams , God speaks to us. One of the most profound things the author say is "if you don't have a close relationship with God and you don't know the heart of the Father, it won't matter how gifted or how accurate you are in the prophetic-this gift will become a curse." The book will encourage you to seek a deeper relationship with God and gives you tools to reach further into where God has called you to minister. I enjoyed the book and appreciate how the author shows readers the depth of love that God has for us. God wants us to pursue Him and reach out to others to share the Word.

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