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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Postcard by Laura V. Hilton

I received a copy of this book from book for an honest review

Rachel Miller is a young woman who , like most young women her age have a desire to visit other places. She starts writing to people she finds through  their local paper. She loves to hear about their towns and it gives her a sense of belonging . Her town is very small and she seems anxious to find something more to satisfy her hunger for the world around her. She has been writing to David, who lives in another town. They seem to be getting closer and she is excited when she receives mail from him. He is a kind man who sends her postcards with his letters to show her of the place he lives.

David and Rachel both know that they each have someone else in their life but they continue to write as feelings grow stronger. When David is involved in a life threatening accident, he decides to make a change. To Rachel's surprise , David shows up in her town. What will Rachel do when they meet for the first time? What will happen to her boyfriend, Obadiah?  How will David explain to his girlfriend he left behind that he has come to see Rachel?

The characters  are insecure in some areas and depend on their faith to help them overcome this. David realizes that he is being called to become a preacher. Will this calling take him away from Rachel? I loved the struggles the characters had and how the author  wove the story with faith, hope and acceptance. The story was well written and gave me a time to reflect on my own beliefs. I love reading Laura's books as they are thought provoking and leaves you with a sense of peace .

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