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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Linda has lost her husband and now must face being alone. As she contemplates her life, she comes to a realization that even from the grave, her deceased husband is still in control. Linda is an unhappy person and has. Been for many years.  She is use to having her deceased husband direct her every move. How did she allow this to happen? What will she do to be her own person? Seems that things need to change or she will become a lonely widow with nothing to look forward to. Linda makes a plan and on her list is a much needed trip to a place she has never been. She jets off to Fiji and soon meets a man that shows Linda how a gentleman treats a lady. Will she find love ? Are there answers waiting for her to take control of her life?

The story is not just about romance but of finding yourself in the murkiness of your own life. It is not easy to break old habits.   The author does an excellent job of writing Linda's struggles as she transforms into a new person. I'm glad the author slowly developed Linda's many stages of grief. She goes through anger, guilt, denial and a sense of loss in a mature way. The emotions were raw and exposed a side that many of us go through when facing new challenges. The book is a short  read, but it is packed with laughter, tears and gives the readers a look at life and what their purpose may be. The theme was one of becoming strong, and overcoming the feeling of having no future. Perhaps after reading the book, readers may take a look at their own life and say hello to a brighter and happier future and goodbye to unhappiness and the thoughts that keep them  from living a life of fulfillment .

I received a copy of this book from Librarything for an honest review.

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