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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This book is filled with insightful tools to a better life. The book touches on all areas of your life and encourages you as you strive for wellness. There are many books out there about how to eat healthy, but this books gives details of how to make changes in your diet and overall health. It is time to   take back your life. As the book describes  if there is one area in your life that is suffering, it will cause everything else to suffer as well. One thing I learned was how to overcome stress and take charge over that area.

The keys may sound simple, but can completely change your entire lifestyle. You can start with moving around more, become more active and to do these simple things on a daily basis. This book also encourages you to read your bible ten minutes a day. What a great idea to enrich your body , mind and soul with the Word of God. I loved this quote from the book, " Health is not simply a matter of physical health. A person cannot be truly healthy unless he or she is healthy in emotions, intellect, and spirit."

The goal is to use your physical, emotional ,  intelligence  and your spirit to achieve success. The book helps you as it provides a journal so you are able to keep track of your achievements. Simple tools like eating better and getting at least seven hours of sleep are keys to help you in your Quest. The book is filled with many steps and I'm encouraged as I start this journey as I "Quest for Wellness."

I received a copy of this book from book for an honest review .

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