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Friday, October 9, 2015


Oh the sweet journey of returning to an era rich in knights, lovely fair maidens and a story filled with excitement that starts on the first page. Imagine watching a jousting match where the rush begins at the sound of the strong and mighty horses  as they  gallop across the arena. The two opponents are at attention with determination coursing through their veins. The shields are up, helmets on and swords at the ready. Who will win this fight?

That is writing at its very best as the author grabs you and takes you on a ride that doesn't end till the last page. The secret of that match just happens to be a very intensely trained knight whose name is Gwendolyn. Her opponent that day was none other than her maid whose jobs he thought  was to keep the young lady Gwendolyn's  hair perfect and in her attire in impeccable order. Gwendolyn's father would be furious if he had any idea that his daughter was doing such out of character things like being in a jousting match.

Gwen is a very strong young lady with dreams that will disappoint her father. There are great character developments in the story and a great message that the author addresses with grace as she shows how God views women. There will be times during the story where some will experience the love of a God like never before.
Will Gwen follow her dream or submit to her father's wish and marry someone whom she detests?

I found myself really liking Rosalind a lot. She has a sweet spirit and willing to help Gwen without questioning her motives. She will become an interesting character  in this story and much more as the next book in the series will feature her as the main character.

The author tackles tough issues that women faced during this time period with wisdom and knowledge of the era. Some may argue that the history is not correct or the message was not clear in the book, but for me it was a book filled with adventure, God's love and a look into the medival  times through an author's perspective.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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