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Sunday, November 1, 2015


I have set this book aside for awhile knowing that I would have to review it at some point. I volunteered to read and give an honest review. When doing reviews, it is always wise to try to stick to the facts of a book and not give personal opinions. After all, to be fair to the author we review to critique the work, not argue if we believe what the writer puts in their book. I have always tried to be honest in my review and with this book I will continue to abide by my integrity. I will state that I am a Christian and understand that some are offended by that statement. The author is stating his beliefs and giving examples of why he believes God exists. I was told that several people have reviewed this book and many people responded negatively to their review. I know who I am in Christ and will not go to the level of argument just to give a platform to someone who is quick to attack or pass judgment. 

The author says that his purpose for this book is simple ,"to clear away some of the weeds of bad arguments so that a more sensible dialogue can be had." He goes on to say , " the God Question is arguably the most important question that anybody can think about." The author states that as an atheist they deserve the right to discuss their belief and give facts as to why they believe there is no God. Non believers ask the question to prove there is a God, so as atheist the same must be stated for them to disprove God exists. Mr. Bannister says that, "if you believe God does not exist , you are highly likely to believe that physics, chemistry , and biology can explain everything"

The book has many examples that prove God does exist. The author uses humor in some areas to get his point across easier and perhaps to open minds to the idea that God is real . He is very outspoken and compassionate about his belief. Through all his examples and facts he says,"If Jesus is who he claimed to be , then because of his history and in spite of ours we can have a future. Perhaps it is time we laid bad arguments aside, even just for a few hours, and gave Jesus a careful, considered look."

I received this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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