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Monday, November 2, 2015


I really enjoyed reading this book because it was written with a bit of suspense , history and science fiction all in one book. The story is set in World War ll and present day. Roger Greene is an American pilot that is shot down in Germany in 1943. He believes that he is going to a prison camp, but it soon turns out to be something completely different. Roger has become a "lab rat." The Nazis are using Americans to have them become immortal . They believe they can make people live forever and Roger is trapped in their insanity. They inject Roger with something foreign that soon helps his body heal and he stops aging. Roger must be having some serious questions popping through his head. Is he living a nightmare or is it a dream?

Roger has not been alone in this project, but he seems to be the only one that has survived the project known as "The Methuselah Project."  Since Roger has successfully survived every injection and still hasn't aged, he is kept in captivity for 70 years. What a long time to be a prisoner, but still not age at all.  The book goes back and forth in time which makes the story so intriguing. Who does Roger meet in 2015? Will this person help him escape ?

As Roger begins to live in 2015, he is shocked by all the modern technology. I had to laugh as he was introduced to modern cell phones and other gadgets that we think of as common tools today.  The story starts to really pick up when the threat of the project could be discovered. Roger is on the run for his life. The people after him will do anything to keep their project a secret. Can Roger trust anyone? The book has other characters that become an important part in the story, one whose name is Katherine. I don't want to give anymore away, but I will say this is a page turner.  Get ready to take a journey back in time and then be thrust into present day as Roger fights to stay one step ahead of his captors. The author has done a great job of keeping the story moving at a good pace. Will the project be found out?  As the bible says, "All things hidden will be revealed."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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  1. I hope to read this one in the next few months. It looks good.