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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


It is always nice to find a new author and their book just waiting to be read. I found myself so absorbed in the story, I read until I finished the book. It has depth, and really captures your attention. The story is about a family that is struggling to survive. One day the mom leaves  home to do a very important errand that would change everything . Four months later we find her children fighting to stay alive , barely making it but not willing to give up. They keep hoping their mom will walk through the door , but they soon will have to face a hard reality.

There are several characters that make this story so powerful. The author has done an outstanding job of giving readers a story that may hit home for some. He doesn't sugar coat anything and tackles subjects such as race, abuse, alcoholism , and shame with a clear and concise story that gives you chills. The story is fiction, but it could easily be about you, your friend or even your neighbor. I appreciate the honest and raw emotions the characters had. We all want a second chance and this book will delve into the aspect of what happens when someone is given that chance. Thank you for a book that tackles subjects that are painful and gives readers an emotional ride that will make you cry, find hope and cheer for second chances. Don't we all want a second chance?

I received a copy of this book from Librarything and the author for an honest review.

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