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Monday, December 14, 2015


I love books that help you with your walk with God. I call them nuggets of faith. This book is filled with information on how to overcome your struggles and at the end of each chapter is a little recap with questions, examples  and scriptures. It is a great tool to use daily as a bible study .

We each struggle with different things such as resentment, unforgiveness, love and regrets. This book goes through several of these topics with examples from the bible, scriptures and tools to help us overcome what the enemy has used to try to discourage us. I enjoyed the chapter on love. It talked about different types of love. The one that really stood out to me was agape love."Agape  love accepts the person, strengths and weaknesses, faults and flaws.Agape love displays the characteristics of God." I sometimes fail in this area and after reading this section, I am encouraged to love without judging and accept people for who they are.

The other one that really ministered to me was about regrets and forgiveness. Many of us have regrets whether they be making a wrong decision, hurting someone with unkind words, or disappointing someone in our life. The book explains how to get past this by forgiving ourselves, forgiving others and trying to get past regrets that may be holding us back. God wants the best for us and He doesn't want past mistakes to keep us stuck and not moving forward in our journey with Him.

I loved the book and hope others will pick up a copy to read and use as a daily bible study.  The authors have also designed it to be used in small groups and has given an outline and steps to use to lead a small group using this very informative faith filled book.
I received a copy from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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