Thursday, January 21, 2016


The story is set in Charm ,Ohio where it is a  tight knit group of people live and look out for each other. As the story begins, the town is faced with a tragedy that happened at the local lumber mill. Many families have lost loved ones and each are dealing with their grief in different ways. The rumors in the town is that Darla's father may have caused the accident. Her family tries to understand what has happened, but it is hard when they have lost their dad in the accident also.

The book  is an emotional journey for this  quaint town. While most of the town has moved on, some have kept their anger and bitterness deep in their heart. I loved the raw emotions the characters went through. What would you do if you had lost a family member in an accident and believed someone was at fault? The accident changes Aaron, Darlas' brother  into an angry,  and somewhat  violent young man. The author has done a brilliant job of showing what happens when you let bitterness enter your heart. Is Aaron angry because he couldn't save his dad that day? Will he be able to keep his vow to his dad? Can Darla hold her head up everyday as some of the townspeople lash out at her?

With every page I turned, I felt more compassion for these characters as they started to reach their breaking point. Why is it so hard for us to forgive ? I loved Darla and her meekness towards her brother and others who brought her to tears many times. Her  gentle spirit was inspiring and a great lesson for others . Do we turn the other cheek when we are hurt by someone? This is another outstanding book written by an author who I have come to respect by her sweet spirit that flows so smoothly across the pages . Her beautiful story touches the depth of hurt and anger and gracefully walks the characters to a loving and forgiving God. Along the way you will meet several other key characters that reach out to help those who are suffering and show the real meaning of friendship and unconditional love.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read a story that grabs you from the beginning and leaves you with a feeling of peace and hope. Be sure to watch for the next in this series called, A DAUGHTER'S DREAM from THE CHARMED AMISH LIFE series.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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