Monday, January 18, 2016


In the first of eight great stories we find MISTLETOE IN MONTANA by BELLE CALHOUNE. It is a cute story about Brianna who comes back home after a disastrous marriage. She finds out the ranch she grew up is being sold to an old boyfriend named Luke. I enjoyed the interaction between Brianna and her father. Is it possible to start a new life at the place you left behind? It has a great spirit of family and forgiveness. The interaction between Luke and Brianna was a bit predictable, but overall a nice feel good story . 

MATCH MADE FOR CHRISTMAS by DEBRA LYNN COLLINS was very well written. Sierra has just been dumped via text message. What a horrible way to tell someone you want to break up with them. She is heartbroken , but keeps herself busy working at the boutique in the mall . Corbin is the security guard for the mall and has  a secret crush on her.  I loved the sneaky but thoughtful scheme Sierra's friends cooked up to find her a man for Christmas. Who is her secret admirer? Did her friend's scheme work? The story is filled with love, and friendship. I appreciate how the author showed the characters spending time praying and asking for guidance from God. It is a well written story that made me smile. 

MERRY KISSES by VALERIE COMER is a story about Sonya that has always been raised to believe that Santa was a silly thing and the true meaning of Christmas was being lost among  all the commercialism. She works at a toy store and is forbidden to say Merry Christmas to customers. I loved the beautiful story that shared the struggles that people have about celebrating Christmas a certain way. The author truly write a faith filled story that captures the heart of Christmas. Heath is a great character who has a heart filled with God's love. His faith was genuine and I loved how he used being Santa to reach out to children and make them feel loved and appreciated. The story will make you cry at times and give you hope at others. It is a story that explains the true meaning of Christmas by the beautiful words of an exceptional author. 

UNWRAPPED by CHRISTINA  CORYELL  is a great story about Trina who decides to go to her roommates family home for Christmas. I enjoyed the traditions the author shared that made the holidays so special for the family. Charlie is a great character who is not afraid to share his faith and love for his family and church. Will Trina and Charlie find happiness? its a nice story with a great message of family and finding love when you don't expect it.

AN INFORMAL CHRISTMAS by HEATHER GRAY is set at a hospital where we see the two main characters dealing with sick children. Riley and Zach do not get along well , but soon that could change. The story is about two people who have a stressful job and try to learn to work together to help children that need them. The  author has dynamic characters that make the story come to life. 

OPERATION MISTLETOE  by ELIZABETH MADDREY is a superb story of two people who have different views on Christmas. Tori is not a happy camper when her editor assigns her a story about Gabe. they were once acquainted in college and she secretly had a crush on him. She must now put her feelings aside and write about Gabe and his silly notion of of over the top celebration of Christmas. Will Tori change her mind about Christmas? will she discover the true meaning and find peace? the book is very inspiring and the message of the true meaning of Christmas and letting go of the past. I loved how the character's interacted and the patience that Gabe showed as he shared his faith and joy of Christmas. This is  a book you don't want to miss.

A BOND FOR THE HOLIDAY'S by LEE TOBIN MCCLAIN is a little different type of Christmas story. It doesn't start off with a happy feel good theme. the book is centered around a family secret that is revealed. The family is devastated by the secret and has to deal with a deep rooted secret that will cause bitterness. i loved the story because it has a deep meaning of God's love and how that love changes even the bitter and unforgiving heart. It is very well written with a story that is riveting and gives us raw emotions. this is one story not to miss.

A (kinda) COUNTRY CHRISTMAS by KRISTA PHILLIPS is a fun and great story to read. How would you like to be raised by parents who played Mr. and Mrs. Claus? What if your parents also ran a Christmas shop every single day for three hundred sixty-five days? The story will bring a smile and a great feeling of the Christmas spirit in this enchanting story. 

i received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review

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