Monday, January 4, 2016


I really enjoy reading historical fiction and finding out intriguing  facts about the time period. This book is set during World War II and the details are so vivid I felt like I was there in the midst the struggles that people were enduring. Alison is a brilliant artist and has a job in her family's art gallery in Amsterdam. She is alone in the world except for her grandfather. When her mother died, the grieve was to much for her father and he left Alison to continue her life with her grandfather. Does she have problems with feeling abandoned by those she loves?

Ian is a British Army Captain who comes to the aid of a young child. The child is playing violin in the Waterloo Station and Ian is seen by Alison helping the child out. She finds the encounter fascinating and begins to do a sketch of the two. Will Ian see her and find her intriguing? Will there be sparks between these two people ?

As Hitler begins his trek for power, the author does an incredible job of writing  about what People were going through to survive. . It was a time of despair and chaos. No one seemed to be safe and Alison risks her own safety to work with the Dutch Underground to find safe places for Jewish children. Ian is in combat and sees the horrors of war. . The story is intriguing, powerful and filled with history that is overwhelming to read at times. The writer has captured a story of survival and love and made a rich captivating book that  is hard to put down.

I received a copy if this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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