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Thursday, May 19, 2016

An AMISH MARKET by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin & Vannetta Chapman

The book is a wonderful collection of stories from authors that always deliver a wonderful storyline and keep readers interested till the very last page. I loved each one and thought that each story had great character development as well as lessons we all can learn from.

In Love Birds by Amy Clipston , Ellie and her mother  are still dealing with the shock of losing Seth. Lloyd was best friends with Seth and it is hard on him as well. Ellie has been in love with Lloyd for such a long time, that she yearns to be with him always. Why does  Lloyd think Ellie has betrayed him? Will this keep them apart forever? Can they finally find healing about losing Seth?  The story is about loss, forgiveness and healing. Be sure and grab some tissues as you read this well written story that you won't forget .

A Bid For Love by Kathleen Fuller is a fun read. Ezra is single and has his eyes on the sweet Hannah he buys butter from at the market. How much butter can he possibly buy before she gets suspicious? At an auction a quilt is up for bid. Hannah wants the quilt so bad and keep bidding hoping she will be the highest bidder. Will she get the beautiful quilt? Is there something special about this quilt? Get ready for a little intrigue and maybe a budding romance in this charming story?

Sweeter Than Honey by Kelly Irwin is a great read with wonderful characters that you instantly like. Isabelle has moved with her family  to Bee County, Texas from Tennessee . Will Isabelle have trouble fitting in? Can she make friends and feel apart of the community? What happens when she runs into Will at the Combination store? They each seem to have trouble trusting people , and that makes for a great story of two young people who find their way to forgiveness and trusting.

Love In Store by Vannetta Chapman is an intriguing story surrounded by mystery and  characters that are nice and at times perhaps a little outspoken. I loved Stella so much. She is quick to say what she thinks which doesn't sit well with some people in the town.  There is something very strange going on at the Old Mill and even in the town. David doesn't care much for Stella but working at the same place, he tries to get along with her. As more unexplained things take place , will they be able to work together to solve the mystery? Can they swallow their pride and find peace? It is a great story that I loved and will keep readers glued to their seats.

I loved all the stories in this wonderful collection . Each author has a creative way of writing which makes readers want to grab their books as soon as they are published. You won't be disappointment in this collection as each story flows smoothly and creates an unforgettable time of relaxation and enjoyment as you read this collection.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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