Thursday, May 19, 2016


We return to Wishing Springs, Texas with Cassidy Starr. First I have to say I love the name of the town. It reminds me of a quaint little place where everyone knows each other. Cassidy has come to Wishing Springs, Texas to finally claim her inheritance. She loves the town and always had fond memories of the sweet little town. Where else would she want to go to find peace then the town that brought her happiness? Her parents have not been the best role model for her with their numerous divorces and questionable relationships.

Poor Cassidy has felt the sting of divorce herself and now hopes that coming back to her favorite childhood place, she can begin a new life. She is not interested in finding anyone to date and certainly won't be looking for anyone. Oh how many have said those same words only to have to take them back later?

As luck would have it, her next door neighbor is none other than Jarrod Monahan. What are the odds that the boy she loved when she was younger would be living right next door ? Jarrod  helps runs the family ranch among other duties he has in the town. He is a very determined person and soon will have his hands full trying to get Cassidy to give him a chance. Why is Cassidy so determined to keep Jarrod at arms length? Seems someone maybe is protesting to much. Is she playing hard to get ?

The story is sweet and has lots of different characters. They seem to mesh together to tell a great story that compliments the main characters. Jarrod is soon to have trouble at the ranch and it will take all he has to find out who is out to destroy him and the ranch. I loved the little intrigue mixed in the story with an emphasis on romance. There are moments that I found myself laughing at the interaction between Cassidy and  Jarrod.  Will boy get girl? Will Cassidy stop being stubborn long enough to get "KISSED BY A COWBOY?" Fans of Debra Clopton will find this book to be fun, intriguing and full of adventure in this small town atmosphere.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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