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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This book is so fascinating and filled history that really takes you back to the pioneer days. The author did a great job of telling facts that were precise and very well researched. I felt like I was riding along on the trail in a covered wagon. The hot dusty trail was taking a toll on people but they had a destiny to achieve.

Is it possible that someone from the future could visit these settlers and  change everything ? Who was Lexie and what was her purpose to travel back in time and share things with a family traveling in harsh conditions? They must have been shocked when they saw this contraption called an iPod and a camera that took amazing pictures. There were times that I did find myself not sure where the story was going, but I did enjoy the concert of a time traveler. The author does  do a great job of giving a very interesting story that could change the course for families during an era that was hard to survive . I will encourage readers to really read this book with an open mind and enjoy the adventure. It is well written and if you find yourself not sure where the story is going, keep reading. It truly is a great historical book with subjects like slavery, families helping each other and a sense of faith that sees them through tough times

. There was a woman named Lexie who perhaps was brought to the past to warn people of wars, to stop people from making wrong decisions and to help people have a better life. What would you do if someone from the future came to give you information to help you? Would you listen with hope or turn away and perhaps change your destiny?

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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