Sunday, May 29, 2016


Within the first few pages of this exceptionally well written book, I could feel my heart pumping. As Lainey feels the presence of someone in the house, she knew trouble was close by. I literally sat on the edge of my seat as the scene played out. The writing is so intense and detailed that I began to feel like I was there watching everything in real time. It is not easy to write at that caliber, but the author has brilliantly delivered a first rate action packed thriller .

Ash is as tough as they come. He has been part of The Firebrand. It is a group of the very best of trained men to undertake assignments from the American government . Their assignments are dangerous but rewarding. Now it seems that the group is being taken in a new direction and Ash has to decide if he wants to train others to continue the work that Firebrand is famous for. As Ash sits at the diner, he notices how empty it is. When the waitress cones over, his guard is up as she calls him by name. How did she know his name? What message was written on the ticket the waitress left at the table?

Lainey has kept a secret from Ash that will  take him by surprise. Will this secret put people in danger? As Ash is called home he can feel the tension in the air between him and Lainey. I loved the chemistry between them. They have a lot of emotions to work through.   The author does  an incredible job of bringing two people together as they sort through forgiveness, deceit, danger and a bit of romance that makes the book so powerful. Be prepared for action at the highest level in this fast paced story that delivers twists that you don't see coming. I loved the  first installment of this series and can't wait to purchase the next one when it is available. I have found a new author that writes with great depth, keeps readers guessing and a story that will have you on pins and needles.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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