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Saturday, June 4, 2016


I started reading this book as emotions overwhelmed me. Each step the Burnettes'  took on their journey is filled with hope, struggles, unconditional love and a faith that is powerful beyond words.  I loved when Bobby said, " I learned that we should do everything that's possible for us to do, and let God do the impossible."  I know that sometimes I try to get ahead of God , instead of relying on Him. How many of us have tried to "help" God, only to realize He didn't need our help at all. He can do the impossible if we only allow ourselves to move out of His way.

This book takes readers on a journey with Booby and Sherry as they travel to different countries serving the Lord. It is hard to even imagine some of the things they encountered in these foreign places where water and food was not easy  to obtain. Their devotion to spread the word about God and His unconditional love is very evident in their descriptions as they traveled with hope and encouragement. I was so intrigued by their different travels like going to the Philippines . They were surrounded by headhunters which had to be a culture shock to them.  I know that had to really take a strong faith in God to believe that He would protect them.

Haiti was devastated January 12, 2010 as a 7.1 earthquake  struck. The Brunettes' had  been in Haiti for  awhile before the earthquake hit and had established relationship with people there. The disaster must have been heartbreaking to witness. But their love and dedication to these people brought help from the United States. There was so much work to do. They needed immediate places for the injured to go, fresh water, supplies, food and volunteers. My emotions became so great that I put  the book down  for a few minutes. To think that this wonderful couple had dedicated their lives  to help others was so powerful and filled with great passion. As they continued to see medical supplies and medical staff come to Haiti , they worked harder and never gave up. Be sure and pick this book up and find out how a couple dedicated their lives to helping others and seeing miracles happen as they worked alongside the people to restore their land.

"The child who cries in the house and the one who cries at the door are the same." " The  Lord wants us to care for all His children."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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