Sunday, July 10, 2016


I love reading cozy mysteries. They are fun, action packed and always filled with quaint and funny  characters. The theme is always surrounded by a business. I loved the retirement center that the author wrote about. It was filled with feisty women, gossips, loners and older men looking to have a little romance. The place was busy, and sounded like a great place to live.

Shady Acres Retirement Center is Shelby's new place to work. After being jilted at the altar, she had to find a new place far away from her old life. What better place than a retirement center . Her job is to take care of the plants,  flowers and head up the activities for the residents. I absolutely loved the outfits she wore everyday. I could picture her rain boots with cute designs that were perfectly matched to her outfit.  Her grandmother decides to take up residence at the retirement place . The grandmother is such a fun character. She is there to have a good time and maybe find a new beau. She is spunky and full of life. I would love to hang out with her. Oh the troubles we would get into would be hilarious .

When there is a murder at the retirement center, everyone starts pointing fingers at each other. Who would kill someone at a place where elderly people lived? There were really no kind words spoken of the dead person. What a shame they were not well liked. The way the person  was murdered was a brilliant and refreshing change from the usual stabbing or being shot that other books have. Shelby somehow appoints herself to solve the mystery. Perhaps it may be because the handsome handyman was a suspect. She did seem to have a sparkle in her eye when she looked at him. The story is fun, entertaining and unpredictable at times. It sure had me laughing and it really is a nice story written with flair and entertainment. I cannot wait for the next Shady Acres book in this laugh out loud zany series.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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