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Friday, September 9, 2016


Everyday in the news we hear of gangs and secret sects being formed. Why is it easy to get young people to join these groups? Perhaps it is as simple as their desire to be loved and wanted. We all want to be accepted and live in a family that is nurturing and loving. Not all of us are lucky to have that environment and the consequences can be devastating .

Isabelle seemed to have it all.  Her father was very strict and demanding at times, but wanted the best for his daughter. He wants to dictate Isabelle's  every move and that causes her to be a bit rebellious. Her grandmother is not any better with her harsh tones and opinions that are hurtful and unfounded.  What she lacks in her home is security and love. Isabelle wants to belong , to feel appreciated and above all loved. Tyler comes to her rescue and she sees him as her knight in shining armour. He has rescued  her from a group of boys who were out to harm her. Tyler seems to be a decent guy and Isabelle is thankful he was there to help her.

Tyler and Isabelle's relationship is quick to develop and it suddenly turns into a marriage. I thought it seemed rushed at first but the author does an exceptional job of showing the emotions Isabelle had to want someone to love her and keep her safe. She had this fairy tale dream of a perfect husband with beautiful children where they live happily ever after. Isabelle is in for a shock as time goes on. She knows that Tyler belongs to a group called The Faithful. This group seems to be exactly what Isabelle is looking for. I really liked how the group didn't quite welcome her with open arms like she envisioned. After all, she needed to prove she could be trusted . But when dark secrets arise, Isabelle know she has made a grave mistake.

The story deals with a very emotional subject about racism . The author really did an amazing job of describing what a religious cult is and the power the leader, Thomas  had over his followers. I was on the edge of my seat as things started to crumble around Isabelle's world.  When death and hatred arises all around her she starts to wonder why she so willingly married Tyler. She loves her husband, but fears that he has been lying to her about The Faithful. I could feel the fear in Isabelle as she discovers the truth behind The Faithful. Will she try to escape from the cult? Can she trust anyone to save her?  Is it possible to ever escape from a cult that is filled with hate and revenge?

The book is very explosive and deals with racism, hatred, manipulation, lies and fear. Throughout the book the author does a great job of exploring the background of Isabelle's heritage. It made her grieve to learn of her ancestors that were involved in terrible crimes that led  to torture. It is at times hard to read the book as I felt Isabelle's despair and her need to know who the true God is. I loved how the author showed readers that there is hope, forgiveness, and above all a loving God that loves us unconditionally.

 The book is must read which delves into the secret world of hate  groups. I really though the author wrote a very emotional story that could draw kids in just by making them believe lies. The brainwashing was evident in the story and showed how easily a trap can be set to get new members. The ending is a true surprise and one that brought the writing to a depth of realism.

I received a digital copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.,

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